Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate Your Home

Your home can look incredible both during the day and at night. Make sure to light up your gorgeous home with residential lighting installation from Ivy Creek Landscapes, located in Charlotte, NC.

Adding accent lighting around your property can really make your home look welcoming and impressive to guests as well as your neighbors. Working with our team of professional lighting experts, your home will look better than ever before. Our staff can:

  • Determine the best combination of lights for your home
  • Install step, sidewalk, and landscape lighting around your house
  • Position each light to best accentuate your property

Residential lighting installation goes above and beyond adding beauty to your property. The right lighting can serve as a multi-faceted security feature. Residential lighting serves as a deterrent to potential criminals. It also provides visibility for family and friends when approaching after dark.

Outshine Your Neighbors

If you have added beautiful landscaping, stone features, and water features to your property, there’s only one more improvement left to make your home shine like never before. Rely on the experts at Ivy Creek Landscapes to brighten your property with residential lighting installation. Call us now to get started on designing the perfect lighting system for your home in Charlotte, NC or the surrounding areas.