Dive Into A New Kind Of Pool

Every backyard in Charlotte, NC can benefit from having a pool, but above-ground pools and in-ground pools can be large and inconvenient. What do you do if you just want a spot for a quick dip and some relaxation? Enter the plunge pool!

A plunge pool is a small, elegant pool made of solid, decorative concrete. It provides you and your family with a place to cool off or exercise without the inconvenience of maintaining a huge pool. With a plunge pool, you get the best of both worlds.

Cool, Compact, And Customizable

Plunge pools offer homeowners a variety of benefits that go above and beyond other pool types. These stylish pools add a beautiful accent to any backyard. Their compact size helps save on installation costs and leaves plenty of space for other backyard features. A plunge pool also offers a range of customized options, including heating elements, jacuzzi jets, pool lighting, and more. 

Take the plunge today and contact Ivy Creek Landscapes, located in Charlotte, NC, to discuss how a plunge pool can change your backyard forever.